2Peter 1:1 & Titus 2:13 - Jesus Christ is God.

There are certain cults today that don�t believe that Jesus Christ is God. In 2 Peter 1:1 there is a phrase that the King James Version translates as "God and our saviour, Jesus Christ" The problem here is that it makes a distinction between "God" and "Jesus Christ" that is not present in the original Greek. This also happens in Titus 2:13. Now there is a law of Greek grammar known as the Granville Sharpe Rule, which was discovered after the KJV was translated. This rule is actually quite complex (see me for the details) but basicly it shows that "God" and "Jesus Christ" both refer to the same person. Now both 2 Peter 1:1 and Titus 2:13 meet the criteria of this rule, so "our God and saviour, Jesus Christ" would be a better translation. The bottom line is that these two verses are explicit and unambiguous statements that Jesus Christ is truly God!

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