Judges 16:1-3 - Samson & the city gate of Gaza.

When reading the Bible, it is very easy to simply skim read, particularly through familiar passages. Yet some great insights can be gained when we "take a closer look". Take a closer look at Judges 16:1-3. Not only did Samson get past those waiting to kill him, but he also tore out Gaza�s city gate and carried it on his shoulders to the top of the hill facing Hebron. Gaza was one of 5 Philistine royal cities so was heavily fortified. The city gate was probably about 60 feet high and archaeological evidence indicates that city gates in this period in time were usually made from parallel pairs of massive stone blocks. The posts and bar would probably have been solid cedar. Overall, we're talking tonnes of weight! The nearest hill facing Hebron is 60 km away! Not only that, Hebron (later, an Israelite royal city) was Israel�s highest city above sea level, so the hill would have been one of the highest points in Israel. So the gate of their enemy�s royal city was sitting on top of a hill for all the Israelites from miles around to see! What an insult and embarrassment to the Philistines! This amazing feat by Samson (who was specially empowered by God), demonstrates God�s greatness and power over His people�s enemies.

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