Matthew 22:37-38 - Loving God with your MIND.

In Matthew 22:37-38, Jesus tells us that the first and greatest commandmant is to "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind." While most people don't have any trouble coming to grips with loving God with all their heart and soul, the need to love God with their mind very often gets ignored. Indeed, their is a tendency toward anti-intellectualism amongst many Christians. So what does it mean to love God with your mind? It involves the pursuit of understanding God and His universe - whether it be in philosophy, theology, science, ecconomics, law, politics or the arts. When Christians refuse to love God with their minds, they open the door for naturalistic humanists to dominate our education system and places of learning. Princeton University was founded on Christian principles and promoted the Christian worldview and ethic. Yet recently, its administrators hired Dr Peter Singer who not only endorses, but agressively pushes euthenasia and abortion (for children up to 2 years old!) And we wonder why, as Christians, we confront naturalism, humanism, Marxism and postmodernism when presenting the Gospel... How can we know what God's will is (let alone worship Him intelligently!) when we are not loving God with our mind? How can we expect the world to listen to us when our answers to the real problems of life are shallow, stupid or just plain wrong!?! God's word DOES have the answers, but we must devote our minds to discovering those answers. They will not always jump out at us!

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