Isaiah 53:12 - Christ Our Intercessor.

Isaiah 53 is a prophecy in the form of a song. It is an emotive and detailed description of the rejection and immense suffering that Christ would experience. But in verse 12, it also describes what Christ will accomplish. He poured out His life unto death, He was numbered with the transgressors (sinners), He bore the sin of many and made intercession for sinners. Even though this prophecy was written around 700 years before Christ came to Earth, note how this verse is written in the "past" tense! God's word is absolute, His prophets always speak the truth and their prophecies are always fulfilled. Even though this prophecy would not be fulfilled until 700+ years later, it was as good as done to God. In the Hebrew, the first 3 actions (poured out His life, numbered with sinners, and bore the sin of many) are presented as "completed" actions, but the last one is presented as on-going continuous action. Christ still makes intercession for sinners (see also Romans 8:34, Hebrews 7:24-25). He stands before the Father and pleads for us on our behalf and he sticks up for us when we we're in trouble. It is a great a comfort to know that we have such a powerful and influential ally.

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