Exodus 25:31-36 - The Golden 6-branch Candlestick & Titus's Arch.

Golden Candlestick relief on Titus's ArchOn my recent trip to Rome, I was wondering through the ruins of the ancient Roman Forum when I came across an elaborately decorated marble arch on the eastern side, about half a kilometer from the Colosseum. On one side of the arch I noticed a relief depicting a very distinctive piece of furniture - a candlestick with 6 branches! (see picture). The arch I was looking at is called Titus's Arch and was built in AD 81 to commemorate Titus's conquest of Jerusalem (AD 70) during the Jewish wars. The temple was completely destroyed and its treasures taken back to Rome - one of which was the golden 6-branch candlestick made by Moses (Exodus 25:31-36). The destruction of the temple was prophesied by Jesus in Matthew 24:1-2. This shows that the Bible is not just a bunch of fairytales for children but describes real history, real events, real objects and real people. The more archaeological discoveries there are, the more we see how the Bible corresponds to reality. Therefore, we can be confident that what the Bible teaches about Christ and our need for salvation is also true and correct.

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