my photoAndrew Simeon Kulikovsky

Born 22nd March 1972, Adelaide, South Australia. Son of Mykola and Doreen Kulikovsky and brother to Sharon, Mark, Paul, Joy and Rachel; husband to Debby, and father to Jordan. For my info about our family, see our family web page.

I attended the University of South Australia (1989-1992) earning a B.App.Sc(Hons) in Computer and Information Science. I completed an M.A. in Biblical Studies and Theology from Louisiana Baptists University in 2004, and am currently studying part-time for a Law degree (LL.B.) at Deakin University in Victoria. I am currently employed as a senior software engineer (R & D) for Saab Systems Australia.

I enjoy a wide range of sports including volleyball, cricket and Aussie Rules football. I am an avid reader and studier - my favourite subjects being theology and philosophy. I love sci-fi programs like Star Trek (yes, I'm a Treky!) and Babylon 5, and I love travelling. I am also actively involved in the ministry of Golden Grove Community Church, Adelaide, South Australia.

My Testimony
I was born in a Christian home with loving Godly parents who cared for me and nurtured me. For this I am truly grateful. God has blessed me beyond belief. If it wasn't for the love, encouragement, example and discipline of my parents, I would not be where I am today. Their own commitment, faithfulness and consistent witness made an everlasting impression, not just on me, but our entire family. I knew that God was real to them.

When I was young I hated going to church - I thought it was just plain boring! I attended a Christian camp and the speaker preached about Hell. It didn't sound like a very nice place so I decided I had better become a Christian. Basically, I became a Christian because I didn't want to go to Hell, which, of course, is the wrong reason. It wasn't until later that I understood the great things that God had done for me in Christ and is doing for me now through His Spirit.

Initially, I didn't grow very much as a Christian. I knew a lot about God and the Bible but it was only intellectual head knowledge. My heart and soul were not at all close to God. During my 3rd year at University I went through a real tough time of depression - I realized that I knew a lot about God but I didn't really know God. Through the conviction of the Spirit and the encouragement of some close friends, I recommitted my life to God.

God is more real to me now than ever before - Without Him I can do nothing!

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